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Low Friction DU Bushing 12.7mm


Low Friction DU Bushing 12.7mm (1/2 inch)

  • High wear resistance but kinder to your mounting hardware than regular metal DU bushes, yet they are lightweight.
  • Dust and dirt resistance, extremely durable.
  • Low friction.
  • Chamfered on one side to ensure easy fitting (you will need a DU Bushing tool).


This bushing fits all 12.7mm or 1/2 inch rear shock eyelets, it does not fit 12.0mm or 14.7mm eyelets. This bushing fits the following shocks:

  • Fox Racing Shox, Rockshox, DVO, later X Fusion shocks, Marzocchi, later Manitou shocks and MRP.

The Igus DU bushing does not fit older Manitou and X Fusion shocks using a 12.0mm eyelet, BOS shocks or later Cane Creek shocks with a 14.7mm eyelet. We have been advised that some of the 2018 Cane Creek Shocks will however come with a 12.7mm eyelet. Please check your shock before ordering.

Can I measure the eyelet myself?

Yes, ideally with a vernier caliper. The inner bore of the eyelet itself will measure approximately 15mm.

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