Fox CTD not Working?

Fox CTD not working? It may be fine!

We get a lot of people through the door complaining that their brand new Fox shock, or more specifically the CTD function on it is not working, though in some cases it’s doing exactly what it is supposed to.Continue reading

Suspension Tuning – do you need it?

Suspension tuning, rockshox monarch, rear shock service, MTB

You have spent a small fortune on your bike, insurance, car/fuel to get to the trail so naturally you want your bike to perform at it’s very best and a big chunk of that means having your suspenders set up just right. If you aren’t confident in setting up your suspension it may be that you don’t need suspension tuning, just some help with setup. If you are not sure about suspension setup read our guide before considering tuning.Continue reading

Measuring Bicycle Chain Wear

Measuring bicycle chain wear

Some people aren’t really into DIY bike repair and that’s fine. I completely get why, my days of rolling around under vans and cars are over. But even if you’d rather hand your bike over to someone else for fettling there is one maintenance check that you cannot overlook – measuring bicycle chain wear.Continue reading

Servicing Your Own Rockshox Reverb

Rockshox reverb leaking, rockshox reverb servicing

Service Overdue

(updated 10.08.20)

O.K. so you own a RockShox Reverb? It’s probably the best selling dropper post and there is absolutely no reason why, with a few tools, that you can’t service it yourself.

Rockshox have produced some very good video guides so there is no point trying to produce another, however if you want to try servicing it yourself please read on before you begin. We may save you some money or at least some frustration.Continue reading