Piggyback v Non Piggback Shocks

Longer travel bikes have become the norm these days, rewind to 2004 and my 170mm bike (weighing in at over 40lbs) was a monster. Despite costing around £3,000  (a fair amount at the time) it was pretty terrible and not much fun anywhere without an uplift, “big fat wallowy mess” is how I remember it.

Anyone who has been riding for a decade or more has probably noticed how much more flexible bikes have become. This has in part led to the popularity of Enduro racing, bikes that soak up the big bumps with ease can now be pedalled back up a hill too. Most frames of 140mm and above have sufficient clearance for a piggyback, the bigger question is whether you need one?  So apart from appearance what are the main differences and why make them in the first place?Continue reading

Fox Suspension Service UK

Fox Suspension Service UK – Fox Forks and Shocks occupy the top spot in terms of mountain bike suspension technology in terms of the quality, tunability and parts availability. Their current range of products are second to none and if you are looking for a Fox Suspension servicing in the U.K. we have you covered. We offer a full range of services including fork and shock servicing including lower leg bush removal / resizing, and nitrogen charging. A full rebuild on a Fox shock is not something you can really do at home.Continue reading

Fox CTD not Working?

Fox CTD not working? It may be fine!

We get a lot of people through the door complaining that their brand new Fox shock, or more specifically the CTD function on it is not working, though in some cases it’s doing exactly what it is supposed to.Continue reading