RockShox Reverb Service





RockShox Reverb service in Preston Lancashire.

Please note that the shipping costs are for the return shipping only, we do not arrange collection of your fork/shock/dropper which you will need to send to us. We use TNT and DPD, many of our clients use the Parcel2Go website.

First you need to know which revision of Rockshox Reverb you have so you can select the correct service option. Earlier A1 and A2 models utilise a different service kit to the later B1 models.

The image below shows a B1 model. If yours does not have the Rockshox Logo circled in red it is an A1 or an A2 model.

Rockshox Reverb Service

If the Rockshox Logo is on the black shaft as shown here, select the B1 oprion. If not select the A1/A2 option.

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A full RockShox Reverb service (A1/A2) includes the following:

  • Strip down.
  • Clean.
  • Replacement of o rings, bushes, foam rings, circlip.
  • Replacement of oil.
  • System bleed.

A RockShox Reverb rebuild (A1/A2) includes the following:

  • Strip down.
  • Clean.
  • Replacement of o rings, bushes, foam rings, circlip.
  • Replacement of brass keys, hose fixings, bleed screws.
  • Replacement of wiper seal, air valve and cap
  • Replacement of oil.
  • System bleed.

Rockshox Reverb B1 models use a 200 hour or a 400 hour (ride time) service kit. Select the one appropriate to you from the drop down box.


If you have any questions regarding a RockShox Reverb service please do not hesitate to get in touch via the contact page.

****Reverb Stealth owners please note that it is entirely likely that you will need to bleed your dropper post after the service, as you will need to remove and reconnect the remote lever when fitting. Please note that you should send your remote to us with the post so that we can check it’s proper function.If you need a bleed kit you can purchase one here. If you have any questions regarding this please get in touch.****

Please note that the replacement of the top cap and bushing (which come as one part available from SRAM) is not included within the full service kit. If there is excessive play in your Reverb at the top cap it is likely that this unit will need to be replaced at additional cost to the standard service. You should select this option and add it to your basket.

Bounce MTB Suspension and Bicycle Servicing offers pro level servicing at affordable prices. If we strip your unit down and there is a fault that means it is beyond economical repair we will not charge you for labour.

When additional parts are required to those already included in a RockShox Reverb Service we will obtain your authorisation before proceeding, if at that stage you decide that you don’t want to continue again there will be no charge for labour.

If you decide not to proceed with a RockShox Reverb Service and have paid online then a full refund will be issued to you, less the cost of return postage.