Rockshox Reverb Clamp Set

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Rockshox Reverb Clamp Set

Rockshox Reverb Clamp Set – A complete and cost effective solution to ensure that you can service your Reverb correctly without damaging expensive components in the process. These clamps are compatible with the Rockshox Reverb – A1, A2, B1 stealth and non stealth versions of the Rockshox Reverb. They can also be used with 30.9 and 31.6 diameter posts.

They are extremely tough, oil and chemical resistant.

No more precariously clamping your upper post in soft jaws as shown in the servicing video from Rockshox. This tool enables you to clamp your post securely at every stage of the Reverb servicing process.

How and Where Are They Made?

They are proudly manufactured in Lancashire, England under the brand name Profin Components. They are 3d printed from a high quality carbon fibre/polymer composite.

Are 3d Printed Components Strong Enough for Actual Workshop Use?

All of our 3d printed clamps including this Rockshox Reverb Clamp Set are! The Machining Industry has been using 3d printed clamps for some time now, so if you can rely on a set holding a part securely enough whilst being machined with a milling cutter they are certainly secure enough for your rear shock or dropper post.

We have been using these exact clamps now for the since mid 2018 for all suspension work in our workshop without a single failure.

In fact just like aluminium clamps, if you wanted to test a set to failure you would find that you will damage and deform the part you are clamping long before the clamps themselves fail. The only sign you would see that the clamps have been used is a light impression of the vice jaws on the rear of the clamp.

In addition to being extremely tough 3d printed clamps have some additional advantages:

  • The polymer we use has a tremendous amount of “give” and “spring”, meaning the bore of clamp especially will not only match any imperfections in the part you are clamping but it will also return to it’s original shape as soon as it’s released from the vice.
  • The clamps themselves contain chopped carbon fibre which prevents the part from slipping, once the part has been cleaned and is free of oil, every bit as effective as aluminium.
  • Although the cost of the filament we use to make these clamps is more expensive per kg than 6082 aluminium alloy there is no waste, parts can be manufactured in one process. The result is that the cost to the end user is reduced dramatically.

Quality Control

Every single Rockshox Reverb Clamp Set is verified for dimensional accuracy before it is sent out. In addition 1 in every 20 clamp batch is tested to failure, if that part fails before it should then the entire batch will be scrapped. This hasn’t happened yet.

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