Mavic EX729 27.5 Halo MT Supadrive Wheel set SALE

£485.99 £349.00


Mavic EX729 27.5 Halo MT Supadrive 142/100mm Wheel set with XD freehub body.

Hand built with DT Swiss Competition Spokes and black brass nipples

Mavic EX729

  • Extreme Rim for freeride/downhill
  • Maxtal alloy is 30% stronger than 6061 without any extra weight
  • SUP rim has a stronger arc-welded joint which is then milled to form an invisible join, eliminating juddering when braking
  • Black anodised finish
  • Weight: 590 grams
  • 29mm internal rim width

MT Front 100mm hub. Durability, modularity and light weight make the MT Series a simple choice.

MT Supadrive XD drive rear hub. Suited best to XC, trail and enduro bikes alike, the MT Supadrive hub offers a 120 point near instant engagement with the ability to withstand substantial torque loads, such as those found with wide range cassettes. With multiple World Championship titles across a range of disciplines the Supadrive system is tried and tested to the very highest level and is Halo’s most advanced and reliable drive system to date.

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