Fox Shock Eyelet Torque Tool from Profin


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Fox Shock Eyelet Torque Tool

Stainless steel 1/4″ drive Shock Eyelet Torque Tool.

This tool allows you to correctly torque the eyelet on your Fox rear shock when servicing. It’s an essential maintenance tool for both the Professional and home mechanic. Made from Stainless Steel it is manufactured at our workshop in Lancashire under the Profin Components.

The design has been modified from that of the standard Fox tool to bring increased tool clearance to ensure torque readings as accurate and also to increase strength to prevent the tool from bending.

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So how exactly is it different to the Fox Shock Eyelet Torque tool?

We found that it would be quite easy for your torque wrench to fowl the top of the Fox tool which could potentially result in a false torque reading during operation:


Fox Shock Eyelet Torque Tool, 398-00-280

Fox Tool


The Profin tool has an additional 6mm of relief over the standard tool which means that it is easier to keep the wrench level and the torque reading accurate.

Fox Shock Eyelet Torque Tool, 398-00-280

Additional relief of the Profin Eyelet Torque Tool

Increased Strength

We also decided that during the manufacturing process the socket would be entirely milled rather that have each corner drilled first. This leaves more material on the tool and results in increased strength/less flex.

Fox Shock Eyelet Torque Tool 398-00-280

A comparison Fox Tool (Top) Profin Tool (Bottom)


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