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Fox fork service

What do we include with every Fox fork service?

All Fox fork service prices include the following:

  • Complete strip down and thorough chemical clean of the entire fork including springs and dampers.
  • Renewal of all fluids and oils using top quality lubricants.
  • Replacement of oil seals and foam rings.
  • Replacement of dust seals.
  • Replacement air spring O rings where applicable.
  • Stanchion clean and re-lube again using top quality lubricants.
  • FIT damper bleed where applicable.
  • Bush re-sizing if necessary.

You can also book a lower leg service if your forks are quite new (refer to manufacturer’s guidelines for the recommended service intervals for your forks) or if they have had a full service fairly recently. A lower leg service includes:

  • Removal of fork lowers.
  • Replacement of oil in fork lowers.
  • Replacement of foam rings, wiper seals and crush washers.

Fork bushings can be replaced and re-sized if necessary, this will incur an additional charge which varies from fork to fork, you do not need to pay for this at the time of booking. However if you suspect that this work may be required please contact us and we can confirm the additional cost.

Prior to booking a Fox fork service please ensure that you check  the list of suspension units that we do not service to avoid delay  in the processing of your order.

Please note that the shipping costs are for the return shipping only, we do not arrange collection of your fork/shock/dropper which you will need to send to us. We use TNT and DPD, many of our clients use the Parcel2Go website.

Maintaining your suspension unit to ensure correct function and longevity is of paramount importance. A Fox fork service will ensure that wear and tear is not accelerated by the ingress of dirt and water into the suspension unit.

Left long enough without a service and your suspension unit will suffer irrevocable damage which cannot be corrected without the replacement of costly components. The most common issue we see when receiving a unit for a MTB Service is damage/wear to the coating on the stanchions caused by the ingress of dirt and debris.

Servicing intervals will vary depending upon where you ride, how hard you ride and the conditions you ride in. Please refer to the manufacturers guidelines for information on service intervals.

If you have any questions regarding a Fox fork service please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Return postage (if required), 32mm Forks (Except TALAS, CTD or FIT Damper), 32mm TALAS Forks, 32mm CTD or FIT Damper, 34mm Forks, 36mm Forks, 40mm Forks, Lower leg service all models, Bush replacement/sizing (only when booking a full service), FIT or CTD Cartridge Rebuild 2011>, Please inspect and quote