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Windwave Pick Up the DVO Suspension Brand

DVO Suspension Now being Distributed by Windwave in the UK.

Last week we reported that long time partners Windwave and Marzocch had parted company and in the latest instalment of bike industry musical chairs DVO has now moved from Silverfish to Windwave.

Here’s the press release:

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More Changes to the Distribution Network.

The big shock announcement in 2017 in terms of brand shift was the split between Mojo and Fox, one of the longest partnerships in the Mountain Bike Industry that I think few would have expected. Chris Porter (big cheese at Mojo) offered his take on the situation which you can read here.Continue reading

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Bikepacking bags now in stock

Bikepacking bags now in stock!

Bikepacking is big time. Once an activity for the most hardy of adventurers mainstream manfacturer’s have cottoned on to bikepacking’s popularity and are planting their own flags within the bikepacking apparel market.

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Why the term Bikepacking?

Of course Bikepacking isn’t anything new, since the invention of the bicycle people have been enthusiastic about travelling under their own power and enjoying touring without many of the restrictions encountered by motorists. What has changed is the range of lightweight equipment that packs down into a small size enabling the rider to still enjoy pedalling relatively unencumbered.Continue reading

New Surly Dealer Lancashire

This month’s exciting news here at Bounce is that we are now the new Surly Dealer in Preston, Lancashire!

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Surly Straggler 1 x -Possibly the only bike you will ever need.

Over the last month or two we have been making the transition from being a service centre to being a combined service centre and retail outlet. We have acquired several new brands including ODI Grips, KMC chains, EBC brake pads, Sunrace Cassettes etc. with a view to providing a more rounded service for our clients.Continue reading