Fox Float X2 Negative Sealhead Tool, Fox Float X2 Sealhead Spanner Fox PN 398-00-419

This is a tool I have been threatening to make for a long time, but until requests from bike shops and service centres who can’t bring themselves to click buy on a tool costing  £199.95.

The conundrum was always whether to make something cheap and accessible (that may not last) or whether to make something that far exceeds the OEM tool in terms of quality and materials. We decided on the latter.

Out tool is exquisitely finished, the top is made from durable 304 grade stainless steel and the base is made from D2 tool steel. The base has also been blackened for durability and to give a lovely appearance, think an expensive Purdy shotgun and you won’t be far off.

Buy yours here.

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