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We are excited to announce the release of our new MTB shock tool!

This tool is machined in house and compatible with Fox, Rockshox, DVO, EXT, X Fusion and any other rear shocks with 1/2″ eyelets. It includes a thrust roller bearing for smooth, low friction use.

The tool is machined from aircraft grade aluminium and anodised locally. This MTB shock tool is shipped Worldwide and available now for £15 with free U.K. shipping! Add this essential tool to your workshop today and make servicing your rear shocks a breeze.

We wanted to make a  tool that was easy on the wallet but a joy to use. Many tools rotate in use, gouge up the eyelet bushing and bind up. By adding a roller thrust bearing with a greater contact area than a ball bearing, the action is smooth making the tool pleasant and fuss free to use.

You can buy yours here.

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