de-rosa mech hanger

De-Rosa Mech Hangers

At Bounce Cycles, we’re always looking for new ways to collaborate with other businesses in order to bring the best possible products and services to our customers. So when we were approached by Merlin Cycles about working together to machine a couple of batches of De-Rosa mech hangers, we jumped at the chance.

As we all know by now parts shortages in the bike world are the only thing we have an abundance of right now. Not being able to ride your favourite bike through summer, for something as trivial as a mech hanger is not something anyone wants.

De-Rosa mech hanger

We’ve now completed our first batches of CNC-machined mech hangers and delivered them to Merlin. If you want to ride at a sportive, having a spare mech hanger is often a requirement before you can take part. And thanks to our collaboration with Merlin Cycles, you can now get your hands on rear mech hangers for De-Rosa Idol and De-Rosa SK bikes at Merlin.

We weren’t supplied with a drawing or a 3D model when we started this project – just sample parts. So from those samples, we created a 3D model, tool paths and manufactured fixtures that allowed us to accurately flip the part and machine the other side.

It was a challenging project, but we’re proud of the end result and we hope that our collaboration with Merlin Cycles will be the first of many.

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