Bancroft Cycles – the cheeky friendly chappie from Leeds with an eye for detail and a passion for engineering. Bancroft Cycles offers cycle servicing, Reverb, suspension lower and air sleeve servicing. Here is what Chris the owner had to say:

So, who am I and what’s it all about?

Well my names Chris, I’m the son of a precision engineer and the grandson a of great motorcycle engineer. I started Bancroft Cycles many years ago after my wife suggested me to stop fixing cycles, for free and to try turn it into a viable side business.

Side business you say?

Yes, I broke the engineer mould as far as employment goes and have spent the last 19 years in pharmaceutical drug development.

However being born into a long heritage of engineering and mechanics, I just couldn’t just leave my true love behind.

So I am what I am, one guy who quickly made it viable with a well equipped garage, who gives your bike the respect and attention it needs.

You can contact Chris via his Facebook page here

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