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Bikepacking is big time. Once an activity for the most hardy of adventurers mainstream manfacturer’s have cottoned on to bikepacking’s popularity and are planting their own flags within the bikepacking apparel market.

Passport Bikepacking Top Tube Bag, Bikepacking bags

Why the term Bikepacking?

Of course Bikepacking isn’t anything new, since the invention of the bicycle people have been enthusiastic about travelling under their own power and enjoying touring without many of the restrictions encountered by motorists. What has changed is the range of lightweight equipment that packs down into a small size enabling the rider to still enjoy pedalling relatively unencumbered.

Passport Bikepacking Framebags, Bikepacking bags

So why a bikepacking setup rather than a traditional touring setup?

Rackless baggage solutions further reduce weight and mean that luggage can be strapped to a wider range of bikes rather than just touring bikes fitted with rack mounts. Strapless designs are also much more reliable (rather than racks which can fatigue and snap) and have been the choice of the vast majority of well known ultra endurance enthusiasts.

For those of us that are less likely to circumnavigate the globe by bicycle bikepacking bags provide many other notable benefits, but for me the main one is ensuring that your bike can still handle on or off road. Spreading the load across the bike enables you to do just that and with the range of Passport Bikepacking Bags you can do just that from a shade under £140 for a top tube, frame, handlebar and seat bag!

Passport Bikepacking Handlebar Bag, Bikepacking bags

Passport Bikepacking Handlebar Bag, Bikepacking bags

Despite their attractive price we are very impressed with the range of Passport bags. They have a very solid and secure feel. Neat touches like Hi-Viz liners, key retaining hooks, light attachment and reflective points mean that Passport Bags are right up there with the very best on the market.

In short we are proud to be a Passport stockist! Click here to see the range.

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