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This month’s exciting news here at Bounce is that we are now the new Surly Dealer in Preston, Lancashire!

Over the last month or two we have been making the transition from being a service centre to being a combined service centre and retail outlet. We have acquired several new brands including ODI Grips, KMC chains, EBC brake pads, Sunrace Cassettes etc. with a view to providing a more rounded service for our clients.

Our latest brand acquisition is Surly bikes and I thought we would take a moment to explain why a business which provides MTB suspension servicing would stock a brand of bikes that are for the most part rigid steel mountainbikes and tourers? Well there are two main reasons for becoming a Surly Dealer:

  1. We have noticed a shift in focus from our clients regarding what they want from a bike and how they want to ride it. Rewind two years ago and pretty much everyone who came into the shop either owned a long travel full suspension bike 150-170mm usually or dreamed of owning one. Whilst “Enduro” bikes still make up a massive portion of the bikes we work on, more and more of our clients are wanting another hardtail adventure bike or tourer. This is either because they feel that their current long travel bike isn’t in it’s natural habitat such as bike parks and trail centres enough of the time, or because they want to keep the servicing costs down on their Nomad, Capra, Alpine 160 etc.
  2. Surly Bikes are a brand that we have long since admired. Their website has the strapline “F**k it let’s go ride bikes” which sums up the fun nature of this Company. Surly are more however than the styling and target market of the brand, their range of bikes and frames are of exceptional quality and very well thought out. When you work on as many different brands as we do you begin to appreciate well thought out features and good build quality. Surly Bikes focus on functionality, servicability, ride quality and durability as well as styling. For us Surly bikes tick all of the right boxes.

So far we have the Stragger 1x cross/adventure/gravel bike and the Steamroller fixie/singlespeed complete bikes  and Disc Trucker and Troll framesets. We are also awaiting the Karate Monkey 27.5 plus and the Krampus which we are expecting to come in stock very soon.

Surly steamroller complete bike, Surly dealer, surly bikes, surly U.K.
Surly Steamroller – Uber cool urban pothole tamer.

We love the finish, the ride and the details such as the fact that the bottom bracket shells and headtubes are treated to an anti rust coating, the fact that on the Troll if you damage your rear mech the rear facing dropouts mean you can singlespeed your way out of trouble. Every Surly frame has a myriad of subtle but practical features.

Surly straggler 1 x, surly dealer, preston, surly bikes, U.K.
Audax, Tour, Gravel Bike, Drop Bar Mountain Bike? Do whatever you want on it.

Surly are a long established brand with a great reputation and long standing models with a dedicated following. As more people want a bike that rides beautifully, that they can ride anywhere and whose running costs are low I think we will see many more join those countless Surly Bikes giving more smiles per miles across the globe. If you want a road bike that can handle the potholes and dart off along a gravel path, a bike to put the miles in over the winter or a dedicated bikepacking bike Surly have got you covered.

We are proud to be a Surly Dealer and look forward to working with the brand.

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