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Fox Suspension Service UK – Fox Forks and Shocks occupy the top spot in terms of mountain bike suspension technology in terms of the quality, tunability and parts availability. Their current range of products are second to none and if you are looking for a Fox Suspension servicing in the U.K. we have you covered. We offer a full range of services including fork and shock servicing including lower leg bush removal / resizing, and nitrogen charging. A full rebuild on a Fox shock is not something you can really do at home.

Why use Nitrogen?

When people hear the word Nitrogen people tend to think of the words “Nitrogen Oxide” and “explosive”. However Nitrogen is safe and relatively inert, in fact much of the Earth’s atmosphere is made up of Nitrogen. The reason we use nitrogen, especially when charging the damper on a shock can be summed up as follows:

  1. Nitrogen has a lower expansion rate as temperatures increase, meaning that damping qualities will not be affected by heat build up as significantly as they would if you used air.
  2. Nitrogen particles are bigger than air particles whch means that it doesn’t “escape” as quickly as air. This along with the lower expansion rate when heat is introduced is why nitrogen is used in motorsport for inflating tyres.
  3. Without the presence of Oxygen, pure nitrogen leaves no possibility of corrosion.
  4. Oxygen combined with heat, oil and compression could combust if the conditions were extreme enough though we are pretty sure that this has never happened on a mountain bike shock!
Fox Suspension Service UK, mtb suspension service, nitrogen charging, Fox CTD seals, Lancashire, Preston
Full Fox Service on a CTD, much more than an air can service.

But me/my friend serviced my rear shock and I/they didn’t used Nitrogen?

Chances are your shock has only had an air can service. The air can does the same job as the coil on a coil shock. To change the damper seals, recharge the damper itself with nitrogen and properly clean the internals you need to conduct a full service and the cost of the equipment required. This means DIY servicing is just not cost effective not to mention the fact that damper seals aren’t available to the general public.

Fox Suspension Service UK – if you are looking for a full rebuild on your Fox Shock look no further, you can book online or just drop your shock (or even the complete bike if that’s easier) at our workshop in Preston.

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