So we previously posted regarding the recent recall notice for the Fox X2 rear shock. It would seem that the recall proceadure has now been finalised and owners can arrange the necessary modifications to their rear shock via the relevant distributor, in the UK this will be Mojo.

We spoke with Mojo this morning re the update and the good news is that we have been advised that you can deal with them direct if that is more convinient than returning to your original retailer.

What is the issue?

There have been 7 recorded instances of the air can rupturing, there have been no injuries reported as far as we know. A full description of the recall can be found here.

How many shocks have been affected?

Approximately 7,000 shocks in circulation have been affected by the recall. The recall affects 2016 and some 2017 Fox Float X2 rear shocks.

How do I know if my shock is affected?

If your shock has the 250psi max sticker shown here then your shock is not affected. You can also check via the Ride Fox website by following the instructions.

Fox Float X2 recall, Fox Float X2
If your shock shows “250 psi Max” then it is not affected by the recall

So what do I need to do now?

  1. Obtain a unique code from the the Ride Fox website here by punching in your serial number.
  2. Take the code together with your proof of puchase back to either the retailer you bought the shock from or alternatively you can send the code/proof of purchase direct to Mojo if you are based in the U.K. If you do send your shock direct to Mojo ensure that you include your unique code on a covering letter detailing where to send the shock back to and a contact telephone number.

So what are they going to change on my Fox Float X2?

The air can will be changed, the replacement has a thicker wall and a grub scre to prevent the outer sleeve from rotating. We have also been advised by Mojo that there will be some changes to the internals.

Can the guys at Bounce not carry out this work for me?

We have discussed this with Mojo and have been advised that all recall work will be carried out by Mojo, nobody else in the U.K. will be carrying out this work.

How long will the modifications take?

At present Mojo are estimating 3 day turnaround but this may be subject to change as nobody can predict how many shocks will be returned to Mojo at any one time.

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