On 13 October 2016 Fox announced a voluntary recall of some (but by the sound of it most) of the Float X2 rear shocks. We have received quite a number of calls today from owners asking what they should do with their shock – at present this is what we know:

  1. No instructions have been issued by Fox to either users or to the U.K. distributor Mojo Suspension (whom we have spoken to today) aside from that owners are advised to stop using their shock immediately if it is affected by the recall.
  2. It is understood that in some circumstances that the air can can rupture. Nobody knows yet whether the entire Float X2 will be swapped or whether it will just be an air can swap.
  3. Whether the warranty work will be carried out by service centres such as ourselves or will have to be sent back to Mojo (in the case of U.K. based owners) remains to be seen. To that end, until we know what the fix is and who will be dealing with it you should hold onto your shock. Owners need to keep their eye on the Fox website and await instructions.
  4. 2016 and some 2017 Fox Float X2’s are affected. From what we have been told, if it doesn’t have the “250 psi Max” sticker shown below, then your shock will be affected.

Further posts to follow as soon as receive an update.

Fox Float X2 recall, Fox Float X2
If your shock shows “250 psi Max” then it is not affected by the recall

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