Full service on fox shocks, CTD not working, lockout not working, nitrogen charge

For a long time a full service on Fox Shocks could only be carried out by Mojo Suspension in the U.K. as damper seals and the technical data was not available to 3rd party service centres, so the best anybody else could offer was an air can service. Any damping issues, tuning or any instances of nitrogen loss could only be resolved by sending you shock to Mojo, but not anymore.

Mojo provide an excellent service and if we weren’t in the business of suspension servicing we would send our shocks to them. However we are pleased to announce that we are now conducting full services on Fox Shocks with the same factory spec. consumables as Mojo. As far as we are aware at the time of writing we are the only service centre in Lancashire that is offering this service in house and one of only a few centres in the U.K.

Matt our resident Fox trained mechanic has been busy over the last couple of weeks working overtime  to meet with the demand for this service and has been getting great feedback from our clients. He’s been working on the RP23, CTD, Float X shocks and many more.

With a full service on Fox Shocks starting at £78 this is a great time to overhaul your suspension and have it performing like never before. So if you have problems with your CTD, lockout or ProPedal not working either send it to us by booking online or come in store, with an industry leading target turnaround of 1 day (sometimes even same day) we guarantee you won’t regret it.

We are also conducting full services on Rockshox Shocks and have been for some time.

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