New Surly Dealer Lancashire

This month’s exciting news here at Bounce is that we are now the new Surly Dealer in Preston, Lancashire!

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Surly Straggler 1 x -Possibly the only bike you will ever need.

Over the last month or two we have been making the transition from being a service centre to being a combined service centre and retail outlet. We have acquired several new brands including ODI Grips, KMC chains, EBC brake pads, Sunrace Cassettes etc. with a view to providing a more rounded service for our clients.Continue reading

Chorley Grand Prix

chorley grand prix, chorley gp

The guys at Bounce had a great Easter Weekend at the cycle village during Chorley Grand Prix. It was great to see such a fantastic turnout from the public, the threat of abysmal weather certainly didn’t seem to deter anyone.Continue reading