New Surly Dealer Lancashire

This month’s exciting news here at Bounce is that we are now the new Surly Dealer in Preston, Lancashire!

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Surly Straggler 1 x -Possibly the only bike you will ever need.

Over the last month or two we have been making the transition from being a service centre to being a combined service centre and retail outlet. We have acquired several new brands including ODI Grips, KMC chains, EBC brake pads, Sunrace Cassettes etc. with a view to providing a more rounded service for our clients.Continue reading

Rockshox Reverb 1x Remote

Reverb 1x Remote – don’t like your current remote? Looks like there is about to be another option.

Although we understand that the new Remote will be available as an aftermarket upgrade at £90 we also understand that the Reverb 1x Remote will now come as standard on all 3rd generation Rockshox Reverbs. The remote paddle looks a lot like the SRAM Eagle shifter and that’s no bad thing.

Product highlights include:

  • Bleed kit and a matchmaker mount included.
  • Return speed adjuster (as per the previous remote).
  • 21g weight penalty over the old remote.

rockshox reverb 1x remoteContinue reading

MRP Ribbon Fork UK

MRP Ribbon Fork

MRP are probably better know for their drivetrain components but they have been manufacturing some very nice suspension components for a while now.Continue reading

Piggyback v Non Piggback Shocks

Longer travel bikes have become the norm these days, rewind to 2004 and my 170mm bike (weighing in at over 40lbs) was a monster. Despite costing around £3,000  (a fair amount at the time) it was pretty terrible and not much fun anywhere without an uplift, “big fat wallowy mess” is how I remember it.

Anyone who has been riding for a decade or more has probably noticed how much more flexible bikes have become. This has in part led to the popularity of Enduro racing, bikes that soak up the big bumps with ease can now be pedalled back up a hill too. Most frames of 140mm and above have sufficient clearance for a piggyback, the bigger question is whether you need one?  So apart from appearance what are the main differences and why make them in the first place?Continue reading